My passion for video and photography was born on one Christmas Eve in the 1990’s. My uncle shared the gift of his special effects reel from all the Hollywood’s Blockbuster hits he worked on that year.  I acquired my creative side from my family who always had the cutting edge technology in our household.  Over the years I was continuously immersed in the creative process from theatrical performance to web development.

My professional career brought me worldliness as I traveled across the continents to the most vibrant multicultural cities of Perth, London, and Hong Kong.  With every shutter click exposing me to the world of photography, my love of the art grew.  The top Playboy photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi became my mentor and catalyst.  He led me to the highest level of photography.  As I mastered the art of photography, my intuition brought me back to my childhood passion for video.

I found myself filming the flashing lights and loud music of the most attended live entertainment venues and festivals nationwide.  I found a way to add value to the production company by shooting and editing the content before the event was over.  I quickly became known as the “Same Day Editor.”  The short clips posted on Instagram became viral overnight.  They opened doors to the hearts of social influencers including Andy Cohen, Big Papi, and many more.

I thought the year I lost both my father and stepfather was the lowest point of my life.  I was wrong.  In 2016, I put my life savings on the line by investing and growing one of the biggest wholesale “Hoverboard” companies in LA.  One day I was living in a luxury apartment on the top of the world.  The next, I woke up in a tent on Skid Row.  This event forced me to reinvent myself and start from scratch.  I became stronger and wiser when the adventure of hitchhiking through 56 cities came to a halt in New York.  I reconnected with my network and with their support I was able to rebuild my life.

Being on the road full-time didn’t allow me to engage in any meaningful relationships.  I refocused my attention to build a life that didn’t require traveling across the country every day.  By accident, I found myself shooting Lamborghinis and Paganis in the same style I shot Ultra Music Fest.  The unique content stood out in the exotic car space. My videos began to rise to the top of raging fans’ Instagram feeds. This exposure brought me to the “Gotham Film Works” airport hangar.  I participated in the making of a historical production of 40 years of Lamborghinis racing down the airport strip.  We captured this epic event with two helicopters equipped with better than Imax quality cameras. 

In the meantime, I found the love of my life, and we recently started our own Social Media Marketing agency “Think Specialist LLC.”  We focus on helping business owners leverage a proven, results-driven social media strategy to generate more leads, add more clients and increase revenue.

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